Do home remedies for acne scars really work?

Do Home Remedies For Acne Scars Really Work?

What do you think?

I think this can’t be answered directly “Yes” or, “No” Are you asking me why? Well, let us consider a few things. The first thing to consider is that, there are several types of acne scars. Each of these types of acne scars need different type of treatment to achieve the best possible result.

Also, don’t forget to consider the severity of the scars. The same type of acne scars differing in severity may require different types of remedies for acne scars for different period of time.

Again, each person has a different kind of approach & expectation about remedies and not to mention about the home remedies for acne scars. Some may have mild to moderate level of acne scars and they are pretty much happy with the results they get from applying tomato for acne scars. Another group of people may be not happy at all with the results they get from applying tomato from acne scars.

Now, if you would have asked anyone from the 1st group of people you probably would get very positive comments about the effectiveness of tomato for curing acne scars. And in the same way if you would have asked anyone from the 2nd group of people you would have gotten a very bad impression about applying tomato for acne scars.

So, you see that there is no direct “yes” or “no” answer if you ask that “Do home remedies for acne scars really work?” What works for you may not work for others and in the same way something may have worked for other people and yet you may get a disappointing result from that remedy.

Dependencies of applied home remedies for acne scars on getting satisfactory results

The success of the applied home remedies for acne scars will mainly depend upon the following:

  • The type & severity of acne scars
  • Skin type
  • The period of the scars on the skin
  • Applying method & frequency of application of the remedy on the skin
  • Types of ingredients used
  • Proper mixing of the ingredients

If your scarring is severe it is not a good idea to try home remedies for acne scars. Rather you should consult a specialist and you may need sophisticated treatments for curing acne scars like laser treatment, chemical peels for acne scar, microdermabrasion for acne scars etc.

Different home remedies for acne scars may need different types of preparation & applying method on skin. As for example, the way you may apply honey may not be the appropriate process for applying tomato for acne scars.

In a similar way, the frequency of applying the home remedies for acne scars should also be considered. Applying them too frequently or after a long period of time may bring undesired results. To avoid these it would be best to know the experience of someone who have already applied the remedy and satisfied with the results.

I hope you have got my points. If you have something to share please don’t hesitate to drop a comment. It is good to exchange experiences with others.

That’s it for today.

Take care & have a nice day. Cheers!

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Get rid of dandruff to prevent acne pimples and pustules

If You Want To Prevent Acne Then You Should Get Rid Of Dandruff


Hope you are doing fine. I am doing fine too.

In todays post i am going to discuss about the importance of keeping head dandruff free for avoiding acne pimples & pustules.

If you are serious about preventing factors which may cause your skin, more specifically your facial skin to be affected with acne pimples & pustules, then you will definitely want to keep your face clean with a quality cleanser or by any other means.

If you have read my last post about importance of keeping your hair clean from dust then you will also understand why it is so necessary to keep your head dandruff free.

Like dust you cannot just avoid dandruff. They are actually dead skin cells produced on the skin of our heads. So over time your head will get covered with dandruff. This is natural. Nothing to worry about it.

The rate of production & amount of dandruff vary from person to person. Luckily i have got a slower rate of dandruff production on my head.

But, some people seriously suffer from dandruff problem and i think for those people there are so many shampoos which offer a solution for dandruff problem.

Ever seen a person wearing a black dress and dandruffs are on his/her shoulder area? I have seen this happening to one of my friends. In fact, he is suffering terribly from this non-lethal but really embarrassing problem of dandruff.

My friend has got a really dry skin. He is not suffering that much from acne. But i bet if he had an oily skin on his face then his face would have many acne pustules & pimples. The problem would be worse if he had a sensitive oily skin.

Now you may be asking me how am i so sure about this?

Because, if your head are full of dandruff then be sure that dandruff are always falling on your face and not to mention on your shoulders.

Now if your facial skin were oily then those dandruff wouldn’t leave your face most of the times. They would get stuck on your face for the sebum oil produced by your skin and they would block the pores on skin.

As the pores get blocked the will create irritation and our skin will react with inflammatory responses. At the end of all these things our skin gets acne pimples & pustules.

The situation will be worse if you have got a sensitive & at the same time oily skin. Sensitive oily skin are more prone to acne problem than just an oily skin.

Therefore, if you are serious about preventing acne and if you have oily or, sensitive oily skin then it is really important that you keep your head as much dandruff free as it is possible for you.

Ok then. It is time for me to go today.

I will come to you again with another topic next time. Till then take care and have good times.

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Dirty Hair Can Cause Acne Pimples & Acne Pustules

Dirty Hair Can Be A Source Of Acne Pimples And Acne Pustules On Your Skin

Dirt play a vital role in developing acne pimples & pustules on our skin and particularly on the facial skin. That is why the need for keeping face clean is so vital.

If your facial skin is prone to acne and you are not keeping your face clean with a good cleanser than it is very normal to have many pimples/pustules just because of dirt.

This is because of the fact that, dirt block the pores on our skin. For this blockage the sebum cannot come out from pores. The skin gets irritated & responds with an inflammatory response to those areas. For this inflammatory response excess protein and other materials come to those areas of skin to get rid of those foreign materials which are causing the inflammation. As a result we get affected with acne pimples & pustules on those areas of skin.

Please keep in mind that, this is not the only reason to have acne pimples & pustules on our skin. If you are interested then know some other commonly found reasons of acne.

Normally, our skin can become dirty if we go outside, if we go in a dusty area, if we go in a polluted area and this list goes on. In todays post i am gonna give you another possible reason for getting our facial skin dirty and causing more acne.

Not everyone will have dirt on their face for this reason. The people whose heads are full of hair and who are unable to keep it clean properly are the ones who will most likely to have acne for this reason.

Now ask me why am i saying this. Well let me explain this to you.

Whenever you go outside, go in a dusty/polluted area or whenever you work inside of your home in a dirty place, with your skin your hair also gets dirty. If you don’t wash your hair properly then those dirt will stay in your hair. During sleep or another times this dirt may come outside of your hair and fall on your face. As a result your face are getting dirty though you are keeping it clean with a very high quality cleanser.

These dirt will have the same effects as those which would come from other sources. Therefore, the longer anyone let the dust  stay in hair the greater is the chance of falling those dust on face and other parts of the body. As a result of dust the greater will be the chance of getting affected with more acne pimples and pustules.

I hope you have got my point.

Therefore, if you don’t keep your hair clean but you have an acne prone & oily skin then most probably the dirt in your hair causing some acne pimples and pustules on skin. More specifically on your face. And there is a great chance that you are completely unaware of this.

This is it for today. I hope you are doing fine and will do great in future also.

Take care and have a great day 🙂

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